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We are proud to present what we believe to be the most extensive dictionary of travel industry terms, abbreviations, acronyms, slang, and nicknames available anywhere. And if we’ve missed one, let us know. We’ll research it, define it, and post the definition here for everyone’s benefit.

Today’s Travel Term

cashless toll

A system for collecting highway tolls that does not involve staffed toll booths or use machines to collect tolls by cash or credit cards. Instead, a photgraph is taken of the vehicle license plate and, using motor vehicle data, a bill is sent to the card's owner.

This system can cause problems for those driving rental cars since rental car companies and the third-party firms they use to collect these tolls charge fees that can be exorbitant. Travel agents should warn their clients about the hazards of cashless tolls, which are prevalent in Florida and California among other places.

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